We make high-quality, hand-made tenor ukuleles.

We use a variety of beautiful and great-sounding woods. You can hear and compare their tones by watching our 2-minute comparison video.

Featured Ukulele: Hawaiian Koa Deluxe Tenor Ukulele

All fingerboards are Ebony and come with a 16" radius and bone nut and saddle, 14:1 geared tuners, abalone rosette, all wood bindings, no plastic. The radius on the fingerboard will make your playing easier as it shapes to the natural curve of your fingers when baring a cord. The two most important aspects of an instrument to a player is sound and playability or ease of playing. Each instrument is hand made by a small six-man staff to insure top quality to our standards at all times. Each instrument comes with a free padded travel bag to protect the instrument in shipping and to get the player started until they decide to purchase something different.

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